MSD Stormwater Quality

Improving Stormwater Quality In Our Community!

  • 3rd Edition Rain Gardens Manual Now Available

    This reference guide contains information collected from many sources and provides the steps needed to create a residential rain garden. We’ve listed appropriate native plants and sources, and have provided some general design tips. Click the link to download a copy of the 3rd Edition of A How-To Guide for Building Your Own Rain Garden or you can pick one up in the MSD lobby. Or contact MSD's Customer Relations at (502) 587-0603 and we will mail you one. Click below to learn more about green solutions.

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  • How is Water Quality Measured? Monitoring!

    MSD collects over 3 million individual water quality records each year! This monitoring program provides a detailed picture of the health of streams in Jefferson County. Monitoring results are summarized on an annual basis in the MS4 Annual Report and complete data are provided electronically annually to the Kentucky Division of Water. Every two years, MSD publishes a Synthesis Report that summarizes water quality trends.

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  • MSD Stormwater Quality Annual Report!

    MSD reports on the stormwater quality program to the Kentucky Division of Water. This program is an unfunded federal mandate outside of the federal consent decree program, and is managed by a 5-year permit. The report includes activities that MSD and its partners are doing to improve stormwater runoff and water quality.

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  • State of the Streams

    MSD's Water Quality Synthesis Report is available for download.

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Green InfrastructureGreen Infrastructure

Green infrastructure uses engineered systems that mimic natural processes to capture, cleanse and ultimately reduce the amount of stormwater entering sewers, creeks and waterways. read more

IndustrialIndustrial Customers

MSD Consent Decree Projects

MSD administers several regulatory programs related to industries including, industrial stormwater, hazardous materials, and pretreatment. read more

Construction Site (EPSC)Construction Oversight

MSD Consent Decree Projects

MSD reviews and approves general permits such as land/site disturbing activities and construction plans to ensure Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) requirements are addressed. read more

Public NoticesStormwater 101

Stormwater is rain water that does not soak into the ground after rain or snow storms. Water that does not soak into the ground runs off to the drainage system via the storm sewers or flows to streams, creeks and ponds. read more

Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events

Public NoticesPublic Input

To report a stormwater issue, ask a question, or request a speaker contact us by phone or email.

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